Fractional Employees are the Key to Small Business Growth

Fractional Employees are the Key to Small Business Growth

Small businesses with limited budgets have always needed less-than-full-time or fractional employees. A part-time CFO who oversees your financial strategy or a human resources specialist to manage your seasonal hiring peaks can be invaluable for helping a small business grow. Unfortunately, the talent supply hasn’t always been there.

Thankfully, that’s changing. Cultural shifts like the gig economy, on-demand lifestyles and a greater focus on work/life balance mean that workers at all levels are not just open to flexible work – many are demanding it. In this article, we’ll explain how fractional hiring can give your business a competitive edge and how you can leverage flexible or fractional employees to not only keep up with day-to-day demands but to also drive growth for your business. 

The Difference Between Flexible vs. Fractional Employment

It’s important to understand the nuances of flexible versus fractional employment. Typically, people talk about fractional employment in terms of the C-suite. Fractional employees tend to be solopreneurs such as a CFO who spreads his or her time across a number of companies, working a few hours a week at each organization. These companies get the benefit of a high-level executive without the steep costs of a full-time hire.

Flexible employment is fractional employment at scale. It’s a model that Flex-Able Solutions has pioneered. We start by assessing the work your company needs done and then deploy talent at the right level. You get experienced employees from the C-suite to the manager to the staff level, or even an entire team. As with fractional employment, your company benefits from highly-skilled employees without incurring the costs of full-time hires. The added benefit is getting employees that match your needs more closely in an arrangement that is easily scaled up or down. 

Use the Fractional Staffing Model that Big Businesses Leverage

A business team of three in office and planning work

Major corporations have long realized the benefit of leveraging non-W2 employees to manage peaks and valleys in their workloads. Because their work encompasses hundreds or thousands of hours, large companies can hire teams of consultants or temporary workers. They get the work done when they need it without the expense associated with full-time hires or the hassle of eliminating positions when the work winds down.

Small businesses, of course, have smaller needs – maybe eight hours a week for a bookkeeper or 12 hours for a human resources manager. Historically, top talent wasn’t interested in such reduced work hours however, the gig economy and a general shift in cultural priorities have changed these calculations.

“The younger generation isn’t buying into finding a 40 hour-a-week job to be successful. They’re more cognizant of the life they want to live, and they want flexibility,” says Aaron Schoenecker, president of Flex-Able Solutions. “On the other end of the age spectrum, more seasoned professionals want to stay relevant and keep up with their profession but work fewer hours.”

This cultural shift, coupled with the availability of health insurance independent of employment, means that what was once only available to big businesses is now accessible to your organization. Properly managed, it could be what ultimately drives your growth. 


The Benefits of Flexible Work Arrangements for Employers

In a small business, you often don’t have the budget to hire a full-time employee for every single skill set. So, your office manager ends up doing HR on the side, or your controller does bookkeeping in her spare time. The result is your employees being stretched thin and often doing jobs that really don’t fit their skills. The work – and ultimately the company – suffers.

With flexible or fractional employees, you can hire for exactly the skill set you need for the hours you want. Let’s say you’re a landscaping company that wants to host a big hiring event before summer. You need human resources talent for recruiting, hiring and onboarding to make the event a success. With a flexible approach, you can hire that person or team for a set amount of time or until the work slows down.

Use flexible hiring to give your company the boost big businesses regularly benefit from. A recent article in Forbes magazine further outlines the fractional hiring advantage for business owners.

Be Ready to Seize Opportunity with Fractional Staffing

Even if your business has the right people in the right roles, your needs can change quickly. Signing a big new customer, being audited, or launching a new product can double your workload overnight.

Flex-Able Solutions is your strategic partner to help manage these peaks and valleys in the business cycle. Investing in a flexible employment model can pay big dividends toward your future growth. Flex-Able Solutions provides finance, accounting, human resources, recruiting, technology and other professional services to help small businesses like yours navigate their changing staffing needs. We are your ace in the hole when your staffing needs change suddenly.

Schoenecker explains that Flex-Able acts as a general contractor for businesses looking for flexible employees. When you need work done, Flex-Able provides all of the subcontractors you need to most efficiently and expertly complete the work.


“The employer doesn’t have to worry about hiring, turnover or if they’re even hiring for the right title. We help them match the work they need done to the right people. Once in place, we can dial the service up or down seamlessly,” Schoenecker said.

Grow Your Business with Flexible and Fractional Staff

With a flexible approach, your company can garner the same benefits that big companies regularly realize. Gain greater efficiency, better job-specific expertise, lower overhead, and more highly skilled workers. We give you the key ingredients for business growth, you decide the portions.

If you need help matching the right flexible employees to the job, Flex-Able Solutions can help. Contact us today!

Why Fractional Hiring May Be Right for Your Company

Why Fractional Hiring May Be Right for Your Company

Hire smarter. Fractional employees and teams are an effective way to move your business goals forward in uncertain times. With an unpredictable economy, the great resignation and a more remote workforce than ever, fractional employment is the new model for business success. 

Why is fractional employment one of LinkedIn’s secrets for success in 2023?  And Why does Forbes say it “ can make a lot of sense for startups?” At Flex-Able Solutions, we want you to understand the benefits of fractional hiring and how it can accelerate growth in small and medium sized companies like yours, even during economically tumultuous periods.


Why Fractional Employees

We’ve been waving the banner for fractional hiring for years but don’t just trust us.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has a compelling list of reasons why fractional hiring makes sense:

Why Flexable

Tap Advanced Expertise

Many small companies don’t realize they have access to C level talent because of their budget. A fractional CFO can be a huge benefit, especially to a young company looking to get their business plan solidified. By hiring a C suite employee on a temporary basis you get experienced industry experts at a fraction of the cost. 

Deeper Investment

Fractional employees give your projects more time and attention than a freelancer. Because of the nature of your relationship, your fractional teams are directly invested in your success and can turn into a long-term asset. 

Build Relationships

Fractional employment allows you to build relationships with experts across many fields. By building these relationships, those fractional resources develop an intimate knowledge of your company. Even though you use them in short doses, they become an important piece of your success. 

Minimize Office Politics

Fractional employees are more invested in getting the work done than office politics. They aren’t looking for their next raise or promotion, they want to see your projects completed. In addition, with fractional workers, you don’t have to worry about turnover or benefits. 

Insider Knowledge

When your employees spend two days/week at your company and then two days at a company with different challenges, they develop an inside perspective that you can’t find anywhere else. You benefit from their diverse experience and problem solving capabilities. Our flexers get an industry perspective from being at other companies. 

Scale Your Programs

When you hire fractional employees, you can scale the amount you use them. As projects increase, add more hours, as your needs shift, change the people and departments you prioritize. This is especially impactful when your industry experiences changes in business due to the season. 

Avoid Layoffs

Ask the CEO’s of Meta, Stripe and Apple what they did wrong in 2022 and they’ll tell you that they overhired. Scaleable employment allows you to meet your needs without the full time commitment. Avoid unpleasant layoffs, preserve your budget and keep morale high with strategic and flexible hiring solutions.

How Fractional Employment Started and Why it Makes Sense Now

You can trace the origins of fractional employment back to academia where professors divide their time between teaching, researching and lecturing. Journalists, freelancers and salespeople have followed variations of this model but when the pandemic hit and remote work became the norm, fractional employment became a more sustainable model.

This shift has allowed capable and trusted professionals to work from anywhere while forcing employers to accept a new model of decentralized employment. Fractional hiring solves the potential challenges employers face in the new model by using short-term and dedicated expertise to achieve results in a fraction of the hours it may take full-time. A fractional employee can:

  • Fill in for employees on extended leave
  • Pilot special projects
  • Provide advice and consulting expertise
  • Help with niche topics and compliance issues
  • Add short term support in understaffed departments

Adding a fractional team allows your business to accomplish goals it may not have had the resources for. It gives you a productivity cushion to grow without overextending your budget on risky new hires.

Why Flexable Solutions?

Flex-Able Solutions takes the fractional model of employment and makes it fully customizable. You can get experienced accounting, human resources and technology experts on a scalable timeline and budget that matches your changing needs. Choose which department you want to focus on, swap out roles and titles as necessary and reintroduce experts when you want. 


Most importantly, Flex-Able Solutions not only deploys top tier talent, we identify the areas where fractional employees will provide the greatest impact to your business. Our team will assess your needs and recommend the best solutions while working within your budget. We align with your vision to make sure your goals are achievable. Consulting with companies like yours is what sets us apart. Your success is fully supported by our teams at every step.

Start Assembling Your Team Today

Whether you need a generalist, a controller, tech advice or C-level guidance, we’ve got the resources to match. Every success starts with a conversation about where you’re going. Contact Flex-Able Solutions today for the best talent and fractional help along your journey.

Flex-Able Solutions, LLC and TechGen Consulting, Inc. Announce Preferred Partner Agreement

Flex-Able Solutions, LLC and TechGen Consulting, Inc. Announce Preferred Partner Agreement

Press Release

Flex-Able Solutions, based in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, is pleased to announce the establishment of a Preferred Partner Alliance with TechGen Consulting, Inc. (“TechGen”). As a part of its Technology Advisory Services practice, Flex-Able Solutions can now bring to its clients a best-in-class Managed Services solution provided by TechGen. Flex-Able Solutions has been benefiting from TechGen services for the past year and has been very pleased with their array of capabilities, responsiveness, and always solving for the inevitable and diverse technology challenges that Flex-Able Solutions employees and every business faces.

This alliance enables TechGen to introduce Flex-Able Solutions’ professional services to its clients. TechGen clients can improve operations and accelerate growth by leveraging Flex-Able’s Accounting & Finance and Human Resources capabilities in the same way they leverage TechGen for Managed IT Services.

TechGen has been a trusted and consistent partner to us and for our clients’ technology needs. Our mission and core values alignment with TechGen allows us to deliver a strategic alliance that feels more like a single-vendor experience for our clients and future clients. We are very excited to add Managed Services, through TechGen, in our Technology Advisory Services practice.

Aaron Schoenecker, President at Flex-Able Solutions, LLC.

We are excited to provide such a great resource to our clients who are looking for support and guidance in the areas of Accounting & Finance and HR.

Reid Johnston, Founder at TechGen Consulting, Inc.

About Flex-Able Solutions, LLC

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Flex-Able and TechGen Consulting Partnership

About TechGen Consulting, Inc.

TechGen Consulting, Inc. “Managed Technology Services for Small Businesses

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Flex-Able Solutions: Our Story

Flex-Able Solutions: Our Story

Flex-Able Solutions started like many companies. Founder and president Aaron Schoenecker saw an opportunity : small and emerging businesses didn’t have access to the talent available to large businesses – and this hindered their growth.

While often small businesses don’t have the budget or hours for full-time C-level positions, they still have the need for that level of expertise – at least on a part-time basis. Furthermore, from a fully functioning department perspective, small businesses do not have enough work to employ multiple 40 hour-a-week full time resources. That’s where Aaron realized he could fill a significant gap and make a big, positive impact on small business growth.

“What if a small business could hire a CFO for just 12 hours a week? They’d get all the benefits of that person’s expertise without incurring the costs of a full-time hire,” Aaron recalled. “Even better, if we can help qualify that the HR demand on the organization is 40 hours a week, but best executed by a team of three, we can dedicate, fractionally, three Flexers to get this work done for the client.”

This “aha” moment has coincided with a cultural shift in American work priorities as more workers seek flexibility and control of their work/life balance, making fractional or flexible work an attractive employment option.

From filling this initial need for C-level talent, Flex-Able has grown to pioneer a model where talent can be deployed across all levels of a business and then scaled up, down or sideways as needed.

“The great thing about our model is that it provides our customers with flexible options. For small businesses, gaining or losing a big account can change their staffing needs overnight, and with our model they can scale their staff just as quickly,” Aaron said.

If you need help matching the right flexible employees to the job, Flex-Able Solutions can help. Contact us today!