Get the technology advice and support that your company needs at the level you want. Don’t limit your technical capabilities by stretching your budget or sacrificing specializations. With IT advisory services, you get knowledgeable and experienced tech wizards who can elevate your technology spend. Invest in your business’s hardware, software and networks without exhausting your resources.

Outsourced IT Support When You Need

There’s a Flex-Able solution for all of your technology strategy and implementation needs. We deploy outsourced IT professionals for hours at a time or staff your company with full time employees that can manage your company’s entire technology needs. Get C-level guidance or field specialists on your schedule. Our pros will keep your systems safe and operational at a budget you can manage.

Why Outsource IT Support for Your Business?

Technology fills different roles for different businesses and staying on top of the newest trends and applications is a full time job. We have the leadership and fractional IT specialists to elevate your technology at the scale you want. Whether it’s a technology advisory consultant, a cybersecurity specialist or CIO level visionary, you’ll find the resources to create a comprehensive technology support team that fits your business goals.

With fractional technology advisory from Flex-Able, you can create a technological blueprint that will optimize operations, improve production and boost your competitive edge. Stay on top of the latest technology and reduce your risks with the right advice.

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Tech Advisory Services Flex-Able Provides

No matter what  your technology needs are, we have a professional to exceed your expectations. From planning and strategy to system development to analytics we have the hive mind to give your company a sharper technological edge. 

  • Technology assessment
  • Roadmap development
  • Change management
  • Business continuity

  • IT management
  • Business analysis
  • System and vendor selection
  • System deployment
  • Project and vendor management
  • Data analytics
Compliance & Security
  • Risk management

Flexible Interim & Project Leadership
  • Our functional resources are also available for interim or project based work.
  • Position transitions, new position, turnover, leaves, interim M&A transactions: diligence, transaction, post transaction integration
  • Strategic & operations planning
  • Ownership changes Seasonal peaks and valleys support
  • Technology implementations: GL, HRIS, ERP, PowerB

By providing you with intelligent information technology advisory services, you get effective management consulting to meet your business goals. With Flex-Able IT solutions, at your budget, you’ll likely see real changes in the first month.

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The Benefits of Outsourcing Technology Advisory Services

Don’t get stuck managing your technology while trying to  guide your business’ success. We see supervisors and leaders step up to fill in the missing gaps all the time. Instead, let us help you assemble a competent IT team that takes tech issues off of your plate. 

IT requires a specialized group of subject matter experts  who have the vision and experience to guide your tech growth. By outsourcing your IT needs, you gain:
  • More time
  • Better information and guidance
  • Increased productivity
  • Compliance
  • Security
  • Increased efficiency
  • Insight and advice
  • Experienced professionals
  • Multiple solutions under one umbrella

Outsource Technology Advisory for Your Company

Contact the Flex-Able solutions team today. Let’s take the first step toward getting to know your business’ technology needs. From there, we can draft a client-driven strategy that will update, expand and optimize the role technology plays in your business. We can suggest professionals that will position your company for bigger growth opportunities while freeing you to focus your attention where you need it. Make your technology work for you instead of having to work for it.

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