Maximizing ROI with the Right Resources

How We Supported This Digital Agency with an Outsourced Accounting Department

Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions was going through a major transformation. They were revamping their brand, transferring ownership, and in need of assistance within their accounting department. To get through this exciting and challenging time, Gemini turned to Flex-Able Solutions for a helping hand.

Implementing an Outsourced Team Amidst Big Change

During a wave of transformations within the company, Gemini found itself in need of a revamped accounting department. This posed a unique challenge for Flex; we needed to delicately restructure the accounting department without causing a disturbance during the company’s transfer of ownership.  

Flex skillfully orchestrated the necessary changes and shifts in the accounting department, ensuring a seamless transition. Here’s how: 

Our Tailored Solutions Start With a Detailed Assessment

The process started with a thorough evaluation of Gemini’s accounting department, which gave us insights into the company’s core strengths and areas for improvement. Then, following the assessment, we presented Gemini with our strategy on outsourcing the department. 

Flex Increases ROI and Improved Billing Process

Once we implemented our strategy at Geminni, these were the results: 

1.) Boosted Billling Efficiency

Previously, Gemini faced delays in sending out their invoices (with a typical deadline of the 15th of each month). However, after Flex outsourced the department, invoices were consistently sent no later than the 5th of every month. 


2.) Faster Financials

Closing the month and ensuring balanced financials used to take Gemini 10 days. However, with Flex’s team, Gemini was able to complete all tasks in 5 days. 

flexable call card

3.) A Lean Team Machine

By outsourcing their accounting department to Flex, Gemini reaped significant benefits in terms of time, money, and overhead. With a leaner and more efficient team, there was less money spent on a more efficient system. 


Our Diverse Team Can Solve Any Challenge

Flex has access to different areas of knowledge and expertise. This gave us the ability to meet all of Gemini’s accounting needs under one roof. 

We take pride in our knowledgeable team. Whether it’s handling intricate mergers and acquisitions or managing day-to-day accounting tasks, we can cover it all. When you work with us, you can pay a few individuals but gain access to an entire pool of knowledge, resulting in significant savings for your business. Interested in getting started with Flex? Contact us today! 

“I highly recommend Flex-Able Solutions for outsourcing your accounting and finance needs. Their knowledgeable staff provides valuable support, especially for complex issues. I appreciate their commitment to training and ensuring a smooth transition. With Flex, I know that my accounting needs are in the hands of experts who genuinely care about my company’s financial well-being, allowing me to focus on other aspects of my business.” 

-Stephanie Tollefson, Owner and CEO of Gemini Advanced Marketing Solutions