Achieving a Growth Mindset

This Quickly Growing Company Finds Strength in Our Recruiting Function

Rebound Partners, an investment management company, had been a long-time client of Flex-Able Solutions when one of our HR managers identified an opportunity. Rebound Partners was experiencing rapid growth and needed staffing to reflect this change. Our client agreed that they needed our help to find new talent for their growing company. 

The Challenge: Finding the Right Fit

Rebound Partners needed to find employees quickly. Not only did they need additional team members, but they needed these folks to believe in and understand the company’s mission and values. 

The Solution: Flex's Vetting Process

Understand the Employee Structure

Flex started by gaining a deep understanding of what employee structure was already in place. Gaining insight to this information helped us identify what type of candidate will be successful at the company. At Flex, we believe that having a solid grasp on the culture of an organization is essential when hiring quality resources. 

Enhance What’s Already Working

Once Flex understood the profile of a successful candidate, we began the vetting process. This included specific questions and a screening all based on company culture and Rebound Partners’ needs. Our screening process allowed us to quickly weed out folks who weren’t a good fit.

The Results

Within six weeks of hiring Flex for talent acquisition, Rebound Partners had six successful new hires. Those employees hit the ground running to keep pace with the company’s exceptional growth. 

Flex is Your Talent Acquisition Partner

At Flex, we don’t just serve our clients, we actively collaborate with them. Our proactive approach enabled our HR team to anticipate and understand the recruitment needs of Rebound Partners well ahead of it becoming a critical mission. Our talent acquisition team’s success is a testament to this synergistic relationship. By being part of our client’s journey, we effectively convey Rebound Partner’s culture, mission, and values to potential candidates in a manner that is both genuine and compelling. Seeking a partner for your growth journey? Contact Flex today!