Why Choose Flex-Able Solutions

If you’re a small or medium sized business looking for a way to cost-effectively add experienced professionals to your team on a part time or temporary basis, Flex-Able Solutions has the resources for you.We deploy accounting, HR and tech experts to growing companies like yours backed by unparalleled know how and advice.

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Wondering what sets Flex-Able Solutions apart from other temp agencies or fractional employment services? The answer is in the name. When you staff with us, you get a flexible solution that grows and adapts with your needs. Not only do we offer Fortune 500 caliber talent, we back up our services with the knowledge and experience to pinpoint what resources you need to make the biggest impact in your company.

Grow Your Company

One size never fits all. As your company grows, your needs change. Flex-Able solutions takes a team or departmental approach to your staffing challenges. We want your business to be powered by cohesive teams that not only get the job done but plan for continued growth and efficiency. 

With Flex-Able Solutions you can switch your focus at any time. Need an accounting team led by an experienced CFO to handle budgets and streamline payroll? No problem. Once your budget is under control, maybe you’ll want to expand your technology spend to maximize your productivity. Borrow one of our CIOs for a day, a week or a month. Have them run an IT assessment or get a full IT management team to upgrade your systems from within.

We’re ready at the drop of a hat to supply your company with the valuable industry experts you need to elevate every aspect of your operations. Get it on demand and switch up regularly. 

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The Right Resources When You Need Them

How do you know who to hire or for how long? We can help. We’ve spent a lot of hours studying how businesses like yours work and we can suggest the most effective cogs to keep your machinery turning.

Let our team of experts evaluate your needs and make suggestions accordingly. Education is a big piece of what sets Flex-Able apart. We don’t simply supply staffing solutions, we provide your company with vision for your future well-being. 

Trust us to look at your puzzle and find the right pieces to complete the picture. Don’t hire a CHRO when a generalist will suffice. We can assess your needs and advise you on the appropriate staff or teams and on a timeline that matches your budget.

Vision for the Future

As the leader of your company, you want to be looking ahead. Instead of floundering in the weeds, surround yourself with competent experts who support your vision for the future.

Unlike other fractional staffing solutions that manage day-to-day operations or get you out of a rough spot, Flex-Able’s pros align to your vision from the start. Our employees invest in your company’s success by not just fixing what’s broken but by improving what’s there.  Take your operations to the next level with fractional employees that take your best interests to heart.


Keep Your Solutions Flexible and Affordable

We understand that you’re coming to us because it doesn’t make sense to hire full time, permanent help. Either you don’t have the work for full time employees or don’t have the budget. We provide the fractional resources that fill in these challenging gaps without sacrificing growth or productivity. 

We work with companies’ budgets to maximize their spend. Whether you need someone for a few hours, a few days or periodically, we’ve got the right match. Use your budget for C-level consulting today and bookkeeping or regulation compliance tomorrow. We put individuals and teams at your fingertips to match your demand. 

Add Value to Your Business Today With Flex-Able Solutions

Getting started is as easy as telling us where you want to take your company. We’ll listen, assess and help you select the best fractional solutions for your business based on your immediate and long-term goals. Don’t roll the dice on a new hire when you can remain flexible. Contact Flex-Able Solutions.