Flex-Able Solutions Helps Autism Society of Minnesota’s Achieve Its Biggest Success in 2022


The Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) sought an HR assessment from Flex-Able Solutions. Flex’ goal was to better align AuSMs organization and workforce with their mission and expand their reach to more families affected by autism.


We met AuSM’s requirements for the job in the following ways:

  • High-Level Assessment: Flexs’ senior HR personnel conducted an in-depth assessment of AuSM’s current operations. 
  • Communication and Implementation: Effective communication with AuSM’s board of directors was crucial throughout this process. It was instrumental in understanding their needs, gaining approval for the proposed changes, and ensuring smooth implementation. Ultimately, these efforts helped better align AuSM’s operations with its mission.

The Challenge: Balancing Mission Realignment and Staff Harmony Amid Crisis

The first step was ensuring that the entire AuSM organization understood and focused on the mission statement. This involved aligning and restructuring AuSM to enhance its effectiveness in fulfilling the mission, while minimizing disruption to established workflows to maintain employee comfort.

AuSM’s mindset and how it resonated with the mission values required transformation, especially given the crisis they were facing. Flexs’ HR team had to carefully navigate this process, implementing the necessary changes without causing unnecessary disruption or frustrating employees.

The Solution

Collaboration with the Board of Directors

Flex maintained close collaboration with the AuSM board of directors from the start, keeping them informed about the necessary changes for a successful organizational redesign. This redesign encompassed revising the mission statement, values, and call to action to ensure alignment across all employees. The board’s trust empowered our team to work swiftly and effectively, strengthening our credibility within the AuSM team.

Personnel Restructuring

The organizational overhaul at AuSM necessitated a reconfiguration of the team. This ensured that all employees understood the revised mission/goals and the corresponding daily operational changes. It was vital that everyone comprehended what working at the new AuSM entailed.

The Results

With Flexs’ extensive experience in the non-profit sector and expertise in organizational restructuring, we were able to effect a successful and enduring transformation. AuSM now benefits from an internal HR department, with Flex serving as their trusted advisor and guide.

Conclusion: Changing a Company’s Mindset

Flexs’ work with the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM) stands as a testament to the power of effective HR strategy in aligning an organization’s mission, workforce, and operations. Our blend of high-level assessment, crucial communication, and careful personnel restructuring led to a transformation that not only safeguarded staff harmony during a crisis but also fortified AuSM’s mission resonance. 

The result was an organizational turnaround that expanded AuSM’s reach and impact on families affected by autism. Today, AuSM is equipped with its own internal HR department, continually guided by Flex’s expertise, serving as a beacon of our commitment to fostering success in the non-profit sector.

“It was special for me to call out Human Resources as the most significant accomplishment for our organization in 2022. Flex-Able Solutions’ work, insight and guidance over this last year was instrumental in retooling AuSM.” – Keith Guggenberger VP of AuSM