Case Studies

All businesses are unique in their infrastructure, staff, budgets, culture, and more. That’s why Flex-Able Solutions offers a variety of outsourcing services and customized solutions to help our customers achieve the best results possible. Our case studies are just a few examples of how we’ve helped our clients through flexible and fractional employment.

Flex-Able Solutions Services

Flex-Able Solutions Success Stories

At Flex-Able Solutions, there is no one size fits all strategy for outsourcing staffing, consulting and more. We adjust our plans to ensure we find the right solution for each specific business. Learn more about how we’ve helped businesses in the past by reading our case studies:

Assess & Evolve

A Manufacturing client engaged Flex-Able to perform an assessment of their finance team and provide recommendations and staffing options as a next step. See how. 

More for Less

A Healthcare services client had an outgoing CFO—Flex-Able was brought in for an assessment. See how Flex-Able created a team to solve the problem and save money. 

Strength of Team Approach

Read how Flex-Able Solutions mitigated time and cost in less than 5 business days with a flex CFO team.                                    

Start Your Own Success Story With Flex-Able Solutions

At Flex-Able Solutions, we are passionate about helping our clients with their staffing needs. Be a part of our successful track record by working with us! Are you ready to get the right people in the right roles? We can help you strategize, execute, and grow when and how you want. Find out if outsourcing staffing and consulting is right for your business.