Flex-Able Solutions: Our Story

Flex-Able Solutions started like many companies. Founder and president Aaron Schoenecker saw an opportunity : small and emerging businesses didn’t have access to the talent available to large businesses – and this hindered their growth.

While often small businesses don’t have the budget or hours for full-time C-level positions, they still have the need for that level of expertise – at least on a part-time basis. Furthermore, from a fully functioning department perspective, small businesses do not have enough work to employ multiple 40 hour-a-week full time resources. That’s where Aaron realized he could fill a significant gap and make a big, positive impact on small business growth.

“What if a small business could hire a CFO for just 12 hours a week? They’d get all the benefits of that person’s expertise without incurring the costs of a full-time hire,” Aaron recalled. “Even better, if we can help qualify that the HR demand on the organization is 40 hours a week, but best executed by a team of three, we can dedicate, fractionally, three Flexers to get this work done for the client.”

This “aha” moment has coincided with a cultural shift in American work priorities as more workers seek flexibility and control of their work/life balance, making fractional or flexible work an attractive employment option.

From filling this initial need for C-level talent, Flex-Able has grown to pioneer a model where talent can be deployed across all levels of a business and then scaled up, down or sideways as needed.

“The great thing about our model is that it provides our customers with flexible options. For small businesses, gaining or losing a big account can change their staffing needs overnight, and with our model they can scale their staff just as quickly,” Aaron said.

If you need help matching the right flexible employees to the job, Flex-Able Solutions can help. Contact us today!