Case Study #2:

More for Less

A Healthcare services client had an outgoing CFO and Flex-Able was brought in for an assessment. Our recommendation was to implement a CFO/bookkeeping team at a combined 25-35 hours per week to meet the clients needs, exactly where they were. Flex-Able was contacted days after the CFO resigned and Flex-Able had a team ready for the client the following week, so we could transition during the outgoing CFO’s last week.

The biggest benefit to the client is that they lost almost no time in training or gaps in accounting/finance coverage. The client was able to focus on what they are good at (building the business and getting new customers) and they let Flex-Able focus on what we are good at – Accounting and Finance.

Not only did we better match the client with their actual need, we saved them 20% on an annual cost basis, and more like 30-40% if you include benefits and employer taxes.

The more subtle benefits to the customer: They no longer have to worry about sudden turnover or training of staff in the Accounting/Finance department. They now have two minds thinking about their business, vs one.