Case Study #3:
Strength of Team Approach


Match Work to Resources

ASSESS: A Healthcare services client had an outgoing CFO and Flex-Able was brought in initially to perform an assessment. The assessment uncovered that the client’s outgoing CFO was performing many tasks that could be executed by a more junior, accounting resource, in addition to the tasks that were being performed at the CFO level.

RECOMMEND AND DESIGN: Our recommendation was to implement a CFO and Bookkeeper team at a combined 25-35 hours per week to meet the clients needs, exactly where they were.

IMPLEMENT & EXECUTE: In less than 5 business days, our CFO and Bookkeeper started work so we could leverage the outgoing CFO in his last week in the job, to ensure we could mitigate turnover time and cost.

OUTCOMES & BENEFITS: #MitigateCostofTurnover #Flexibility #Resources=Work #ClientEducation #Onbudget #SupportGrowth #InstantImpact #TrustedPartner #CostReduction #ROI #MoreMinds