Case Study #1:
Assess & Evolve

assess and evolve

A manufacturing client engaged Flex-Able to perform an assessment of their finance team and provide recommendations and staffing options as a next step. The client’s secondary concern was that they were considering a new business endeavor and wanted to run scenarios regarding what that may look like financially and what their capital/financing options might be.

Flex-Able’s assessment concluded that the Client’s team was lacking in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, and Financial Planning and Analysis. Although the Client had a competitive budget for their Accounting function, nearly all employees had the same skill set and capabilities.

Flex-Able recommended staffing changes along with augmentation from Flex-Able for Leadership, Strategy, and Financial Planning and Analysis skills. Our recommendation did not change their budget, however it added three unique experts to their account, each spending various amounts of time with the client each week. The focal point of our recommendation was at the Controller level and light utilization of a CFO and Financial Planning and Analysis resource.

The client chose to do all of the recommendations and noted within the first 30 days how much more confident he was that he had the support not only to steward his current business, but to handle the new business endeavor as well.