Case Studies

The following case studies are real life examples of how our clients have been helped. All businesses are unique in their infrastructure, staff, budgets, culture and many other factors. Therefore most cases require a variety of services and customized solutions that will help them realize the best result.

Case Study #1: Assess & Evolve

A Manufacturing client engaged Flex-Able to perform an assessment of their finance team and provide recommendations and staffing options as a next step. The client’s secondary concern was that they were considering a new business endeavor and wanted to run scenarios regarding what that may look like financially and what their capital/financing options might be.

Flex-Able’s assessment concluded that the Client’s team was lacking in the areas of Leadership, Strategy, and Financial Planning and Analysis. Although the Client had a competitive budget for their Accounting function, nearly all employees had the same skill set and capabilities.

Flex-Able recommended staffing changes along with augmentation from Flex-Able for Leadership, Strategy, and Financial Planning and Analysis skills. Our recommendation did not change their budget, however it added three unique experts to their account, each spending various amounts of time with the client each week. The focal point of our recommendation was at the Controller level and light utilization of a CFO and Financial Planning and Analysis resource.

The client chose to do all of the recommendations and noted within the first 30 days how much more confident he was that he had the support not only to steward his current business, but to handle the new business endeavor as well.

Case Study #2: More For Less

A Healthcare services client had an outgoing CFO and Flex-Able was brought in for an assessment. Our recommendation was to implement a CFO/bookkeeping team at a combined 25-35 hours per week to meet the clients needs, exactly where they were. Flex-Able was contacted days after the CFO resigned and Flex-Able had a team ready for the client the following week, so we could transition during the outgoing CFO’s last week.

The biggest benefit to the client is that they lost almost no time in training or gaps in accounting/finance coverage. The client was able to focus on what they are good at (building the business and getting new customers) and they let Flex-Able focus on what we are good at – Accounting and Finance.

Not only did we better match the client with their actual need, we saved them 20% on an annual cost basis, and more like 30-40% if you include benefits and employer taxes.

The more subtle benefits to the customer: They no longer have to worry about sudden turnover or training of staff in the Accounting/Finance department. They now have two minds thinking about their business, vs one.


Business peopleAdditional Project Examples

Built and managed the staffing and planning function of a $1B company (including the build and approval of all staffing models used). This included over 4000 employees, delivering on 45 products in more than 25 national locations. Built a governance process around hiring, as well as an operations management infrastructure that aligned to P&L management.

Deep mergers and acquisitions experience including: on site due diligence, valuation estimates, negotiations, integration, and 1-2 year post transaction leadership/management. M&A deals ranged in size from less than $1M to over $1Billion. Will assist on the buy or sell side.

Post M&A transaction leadership, functional leadership roles in finance, operations, and general management positions in operations and product. Have managed up to ten concurrent direct reports and staffing structures with up to five layers of staff reporting. Proven track record with confidential and sensitive material. Improvement initiatives around employee engagement with tangible results. Held positions with signature and approval authority of $50M.

Dropped into a customer call center situation where the backlog was over 9000 cases and two national account customers were threatening to cancel their entire relationship as a result. Reorganized the labor and management infrastructure to more efficiently resolve cases and involved business partners (Account Management, IT, Leadership) as necessary to help resolve complex issues and batch communications to customers. Participated on client calls when necessary. Improved productivity (and cost) by 6-8X through this process, reduced the customer backlog in 30 days, and created a sustainable process to move forward.

Participated in the identification, execution, and tracking of various efficiency projects. Some are simple “straight-line budget” efficiencies where all departments have to cut 10% of their costs. Others are based on profitability or aligned to strategic initiatives. One such project netted $180M in income over three years, representing approximately 15% in annualized efficiency gains.

Several projects centered around making a build, buy, or partner decision. Decision factors include speed to market, expertise of personnel, projected profitability, among others. Also have participated in several strategic scenario planning efforts to drive decision making around uncertain market conditions. Built portfolio management models to govern Capital allocation and ongoing decision making – budgets from $1M – $250M.

Performed independent and internal reviews of many business processes. ISO compliant process documentation, review of financial and operational controls. Profitability assessment on a product, department, division, or company level.

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